Echoes Performs in Quadraphonic Surround Sound


Pink Floyd were pioneers in audio recording and engineering as well as pioneering stunning visuals into their live concert experience. In 1967, Pink Floyd performed the first live concert in surround sound. When The Dark Side of the Moon was recorded, there was a release of the album for quadraphonic surround systems as the band had been performing live in quad for years prior to that.

Echoes of Pink Floyd is bringing the absolute most authentic Pink Floyd Concert Experience as you would have experienced live during arguably their most creative decade as a band.

We will be performing a very special show for you as we turn the Back Room of Bells Brewery into an audiophile’s dream mixed by Master Engineer Glenn Brown (Greensky Bluegrass, Marcus Miller, Verve Pipe, Kid Rock, etc.) complete with our expansive Laser, Light, and Video show. ┬áThis may be your only chance to experience the music of Pink Floyd as they performed it live in Quadraphonic Surround. Shine On!

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